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Create Animal Feed regulation compliant Feed Labels

A new feature has been launched in DietCheck allowing the user to create labels for nutritional guidance on product packing.
This new feature is ideal for companies who are required to create feed labels that are compliant with the current Animal Feed regulations. Users can select this as an “add-on” feature as part of their current software package or include it when buying as a new customer. For any further information on this or any other feature in DietCheck, please just give us a call or email the office.

Below are the main benefits of the Feed Label Feature:

  • Compliant with Regulation No 767/2009 on The Marketing and Use of Animal Feed, associated Regulations and amendments
  • Additional ‘Add on’ feature to current DietCheck version
  • Bespoke and flexible – specification can be built to meet individual requirements
  • User specific additional feed library
  • Easily integrated into current systems (mill and weighbridge)
  • Dry matter basis in the ration
  • Multi species, clearly separated
  • Clear, simple, user friendly
  • Time saving label generation
  • Declaration editable within tolerances
  • Mineral and Vitamin database maintained by DietCheck as required by product updates and compliance
  • Training included

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